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Notice (09/2016): IMCA Safety Flash

Notice (08/2016): IMCA Safety Flash

Notice (07/2016): BSEE Safety Alert 321 on Additional Catastrophic Incident Attributed to Ejection of Traveling Slips

Notice (06/2016): IMCA Safety Flash

Notice (05/2016): GE 5,000 psi Blind Shear Ram Bolting Safety Notice

Notice (04/2016): USCG MSIB on OCS OCMI at D8

Notice (01/2016): BSEE/USCG MOA on Offshore Floating Facilities

Regulatory Publication:

BSEE: Well Control Proposed Rule (Comment Filed)

USCG: Life Saving ANPR (Comment Filed)

BOEM: Risk Management, Financial Assurance, and Loss Prevention (BOEM-2013-0058) (Comment Filed)

Flower Garden Banks Expansion (Comment Filed)